Seattle, Washington

Saul Pwanson

Senior Software Engineer


Senior software engineer with 20+ years of experience, generally interested in:

Substantial professional experience using Linux, C, C++, Python3, SQL, and Forth.

Work Experience


Software Architect (Nov 2018–Aug 2020)


Systems Architect, Firmware Engineer (Jan 2014–Dec 2016)

F5 Networks

Software Engineer (Nov 2008–May 2013)

Variamobile (AOL)

Principal Software Engineer (Jan 2006–Dec 2007)

CoCo Communications

Protocol Team Lead (Jan 2004–Dec 2005)

Wizards of the Coast (Hasbro)

Senior Software Engineer (Mar 2002–Dec 2003)


Software Engineer, Program Manager (Jun 1998–Dec 1999)

Open Source Projects

VisiData (2017–)


A powerful multitool for exploring data in the terminal. Easily wrangle gigabyte datasets from many different formats. Written in Python3 with very few dependencies and an extensible architecture. (2016)

Principal Instigator

70,000 crossword puzzles parsed and cleaned into a simple text format. The grid comparison analysis uncovered rampant self-plagiarism by a major crossword editor. The minimalist data pipeline is written in Python3 and deployed on AWS.

Century Arcade (2013)


Bootable ISOs of classic games using custom unikernels. Minimal size, rapid bootup, curated experiences.


Recurse Center, New York (Spring 2017)

A 12-week self-study program in NYC. Studied open source development practices, participated in a game jam, and led workshops on kernel development and implementing Forth.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1994–1998)

B.S. Computer Science '98