2017   VisiData         a textpunk utility for tabular data
2017   Count-12         Count-12 breathing game
2017   #cwctools        some crossword construction tools
2016   xd               a corpus of 70,000 crosswords in a clean format
2015   #crosswords      a few of my own amateur constructions
2014   #sh              a chart comparing written forms of the 'sh' sound
2014   #dek             a reskinned 2048 that cycles through languages
2013   #frotzos         a unikernel that runs the frotz z-code interpreter
2013   #Below the Root  Linux unikernel with C64 emulator and single game
2013   #numeroj         a polyglot minigame
2012   Orgo             an organic chemistry puzzle kit
2012   f5go             a regex redirector
2011   #brainfuck       the computer language, with a subroutine extension
2011   #emups           a minimalist chat platform
2010   Multilingual Seasons Greetings  written in many languages
2008   #nucleotron      a nuclear physics arcade game
2008   #movietron       a video search tool
2007   genesis          the scientific theory of origin, in mythspeak
2007   #sebeta          a worldbuilding exercise on sustainability
2007   #hyperfocus      a textpunk knowledge capture system
2006   #Reasonable Goods  it shouldn't take all day to buy a toaster
2003   krow             a transcript of a fictional coding competition
2002   Hochspiel        a trick-taking card game with floating partners
2002   #Mitochondrion   a board simulation of the Krebs cycle and ETC
2001   #solitara        a solitaire card game with a standard 54-card deck
1997   #Roll your own OS  a practicum on OS development (for SIGOPS@UIUC)
1994   #DarkDraw        a DOS ANSI art editor in real-mode x86 assembly
1994   #DarkTerm        a DOS Terminate-and-Stay-Resident (TSR) terminal
2006   Liar's Dice Betting Track  

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