``` Hochspiel a trick-taking card game for 4 [or 3-6] players

Equipment: a King's Deck, no jokers (52 cards)

Summary: a trick-taking card game with a unique scoring mechanism that rewards teamwork despite fluctuating partnerships

Setup: Create a score sheet, one column for each player in clockwise order.

Each hand: Deal all cards to the players (each player has 13 cards). Starting with the player directly to the left of the dealer, each player lays down one card from their hand, indicating a suit that they will score.
Then, each player lays down another card, with the restriction that no two players may have the exact same pair of suits to score.

All players will have two cards displayed on the table for other players to see throughout the hand.
Play begins with the player whose sum value of scoring cards is highest (ties broken by highest single value), and proceeds clockwise.

The player who has the Lead may play any card. Each player must follow suit if possible, or slough any card they like otherwise. High card of the led suit takes the trick.

Scoring: At the end of the hand, each player counts the number of cards [in their taken tricks] for both suits they declared.

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